Marylin Monroe Death: Fred Otash Witnessed Murder? Heard Tapes Of Sex Scandal With President Kennedy, Conspiracy Plot Thickens

By Mereb Gebremariam | Jun 10, 2013 03:45 PM EDT
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Marylin Monroe Death A Murder?
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More than 50 years after Marylin Monroe's death, files from Fred Otash, a private investigator who worked for Hollywood's tabloid Confidential says that he heard her die.

According to the Hollywood Reporter notes that were discovered by Otash's daughter, Colleen claims that he witnessed her murder when he taped her angry confession between Bobby Kennedy, Peter Lawford, and Marylin "I listened to Marilyn Monroe die."

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Otash wrote "She said she was passed around like a piece of meat. It was a violent argument about their relationship and the commitment and promises he made to her. She was really screaming and they were trying to quiet her down. She's in the bedroom and Bobby gets the pillow and he muffles her on the bed to keep the neighbors from hearing. She finally quieted down and then he was looking to get out of there."

Otash admitted that Lawford notified him that Marylin was killed the next day and asked him to start removing any evidence that would get him caught up in the middle of the ongoing investigation,  "I would have kept it quiet all my life," Otash told Vanity Fair in 1992  before his death. "But all of a sudden, I'm looking at FBI files and CIA files with quotes from my investigators telling them about the work they did on my behalf. It's stupid to sit here and deny that these things are true. Yes, we did have [Lawford's house] wired. Yes, I did hear a tape of Jack Kennedy f**ing Monroe. But I don't want to get into the moans and groans of their relationship. They were having a sexual relationship - period."

Otash admitted that the actress wanted listening devices placed in her home so she could record her phone conversations, "Marilyn wanted a mini-phone listening device," he purports in the notes. "You could hide it in your bra. The microphone was a wristwatch. You could also put a suction cup on the phone. Later on, she wanted a sophisticated system put in her house. We wired up her phone because it started looking stupid with a suction cup."

The ploy of spying on the President and Marylin were set up by  Howard Hughes who wanted to discredit the democrats, according to Otash, "When the original Lawford house was wired, Monroe was not part of the plan," Otash wrote in the files. "It was to find out what the Democrats were up to on behalf of Howard Hughes and Nixon. Monroe became a by-product."

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