Michael Jackson's Ghost Appears To Lionel Richie's Ex: Actual Testimony From Ongoing AEG Lawsuit

By Ryan Book, Mstars News (RyanMBook88@gmail.com) | Jun 17, 2013 03:24 PM EDT
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Michael Jackson
(Photo : (Photo : Flickr/kronic.it)) Michael Jackson.

There have been a lot of headlines regarding Michael Jackson's death and the ensuing lawsuits that could be safely described as "absurdist." This one might just take the cake. 

In actual testimony during the Jackson family's $40 billion lawsuit against concert promoter AEG, Lionel Richie's ex-wife Brenda told the court that she had been visited by Jackson's ghost, who informed her that his death had been his own fault. Although laughter was heard from the gallery, the judge didn't bat an eye and allowed the paranormal commentary to stand. 

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Most of the Jackson family's case against is based around AEG's hiring of Conrad Murray, a doctor who the family alleges over prescribed dangerous painkillers and sleep aids for the pop star. According to Jackson's ghost, according to Ms. Richie, Jackson claimed that he was responsible for taking too many pills (although the ghost clarified he did so accidentally), and Murray was not at fault. 

Throughout the case, the Jackson family side have gotten the majority of the "are you serious?" eyebrows, as is usually the case when anyone sues anyone for $40 billion. But AEG may have taken a hit to its credibility when it brought the ex-wife of another musician to the stand to discuss a visit from the other side. AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips is convinced. 

"She said Michael told her it wasn't Dr. Murray's fault - that he had accidentally killed himself," he said. 

One question that hasn't been asked is why, of all the names involved in the current lawsuit, did Jackson's ghost appear to Brenda Richie? Granted, this testimony won't have too much effect on the final decision, but it probably WILL inspire too many "Thriller" jokes. 



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