Taylor Swift Attacked by Westboro Baptist Church: Hate Group Calls Harry Style's Ex a 'Proud Wh*re' on Twitter, Will Picket 2013 'Red' Tour Concert

By Jon Niles, Mstarz reporter | Jun 28, 2013 12:26 PM EDT
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Taylor Swift
(Photo : Reuters) Taylor Swift

The Westboro Baptist Church in notorious for organizing picketing protests at a variety of different events and have now announced a new one set for August 3 in Kansas City, Missouri. This concert in question is that of Taylor Swift, who the hate group has labeled a "whore" in numerous Twitter posts as well as an official press release.

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"@TaylorSwift13 works her 'girl next door' country-singer shtick, while hopping from one young man to the next and strutting across the world stage like a proud whore," the Westboro Baptist Church wrote in a press release.

The group also went after Taylor's father, Scott.

"He has no compunction about her immodest vulgar appearance or serial fornication. With a hating hypocrite for a dad - who will jealously guard her income, while not giving a thought for her never-dying soul - no wonder she grew up to be the poster child for the young whores of doomed-america [sic]."

WBC does understand Swift's influence over her fans, especially on Twitter. The group feels that the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer should tell her fans to stop "fornicating" how she does. Yikes.

Westboro Baptist Church member Ben Phelps (grandson of the group's founder Fred Phelps Sr.) told Radar:

"This girl is a whore. Who else is gonna say that if it's not the church of the Lord Jesus? She's coming into our backyard. We're gonna go preach to her."

Phelps went on to explain that Swift pretends she is a "good Christian, but she's not," and says that it's her job to use her enormous influence on young women to "promote the standards of God," instead of what the Westboro Baptist Church claims is "whoredom, fornication ... that filthy lifestyle."

Swift has yet to respond to these verbal assaults.

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