Taylor Swift Dating Rumors 2013 [PHOTO]: 'Sweeter Than Fiction' Songstress 'Won't Stop Talking About' Brenton Thwaites?

By Jon Niles, Mstars Reporter | Sep 19, 2013 02:20 PM EDT
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Taylor Swift
(Photo : reuters) U.S. singer Taylor Swift.

The rumors romantically linking Taylor Swift and Australian actor Brenton Thwaites together have been pouring in ever since the two were photographed at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. In fact, Thwaites reportedly denied the claims just recently, but that hasn't stopped the gossip train. Now a new source is saying these rumors have spark Taylor's interest in the actor.

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"Taylor won't stop talking about Brenton," the source said." She spends every waking minute she can talking about him."

This new report is probably just gossip considering another insider claiming to be a friend of the singer said: "Taylor thinks all these rumors about her and Brenton Thwaites are completely ridiculous."

"Harvey Weinstein took Taylor to his table and sat her next to Brenton," the friend said of the Thwaites and Swift encounter. "They had a nice time talking but no numbers were exchanged. A photographer asked to take their picture and they said yes."

"She did think he was nice, but how could you be dating someone when you only just met them five minutes earlier?" the source added. "They are definitely not dating."

Plus, another source attending the ceremony where the two were spotted together said Thwaites denied the rumors.

"He was with a group of about eight people at Bar Masa in NYC on Wednesday night," the new source explained. "At one point, after dinner, I heard someone ask him about hanging out with Taylor at Soho House two nights ago in Toronto and he said, 'I took one photo with the girl! I mean, we were hanging out all night, but now suddenly she's my girlfriend!'"

The source added: "He said he was actually dating someone else! And [he] even said he'd be bringing her out on the carpet sometime soon."

In other words: this latest rumor about Taylor gushing about Brenton appears to be false. 

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