Mob Wives' Renee Graziano [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]: Starlet talks relapse after rehab, new cast members Natalile Guercio and Alicia Garofalo, not being 'The Best' from Philly

By Mereb Gebremariam | Dec 06, 2013 11:51 AM EST
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Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Exclusive Interview About Relapsing On Show
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Thursday evening, the red carpet event for VH1's fourth season premiere of Mob Wives at New York City's hotspot Greenhouse was a big turn out for the original cast members and two 'newbies.' In an exclusive interview, MStars News spoke with Renee Graziano about her relapse this season and her true feelings about the newest Mob Wives, Natalie Guercio and Alicia DiMichele Garofalo. Renee claims they aren't the best things to have come out of Philadelphia.

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MStars News spoke exclusively with the cast members from Mob Wives to find out the scoop about this season, and the most surprising of them all was Renee Graziano's relapse after completing rehab in the previous season.

In a preview of the episode, cameras show Renee in the bathroom. The shot pans to a row of prescription pills as Renee takes a breather from whatever drama the reality star was going through at-the-time. Renee confirmed to us that she did have a set back and explained it was a trying period for her.

"You will see, I suffered a relapse and I think that I'm like everyone else that's in recovery. It's hard in recovery. It's an addiction and it just happened, and you're gonna see why it happened."

Renee's sister and executive producer, Jennifer Graziano, explained that it was a hard scene to watch Renee relapse in front of the cameras. But she admits that she let the cameras roll upon her request to hopefully help any viewers going through the same experience.

"That's one of the instances when I would want to turn the cameras off, and let her go through that in private. Renee's an open book. She refuses to let us turn the cameras off and feels she was put on this earth to help people." Jennifer added, "She feels like if someone can learn from her mistakes, she wants those cameras on all the time."

Renee may be the main focus of this season, since VH1 chose to premiere her thoughts about the "New Blood" members from Philadelphia, Natalie and Alicia. Renee is shown getting into heated arguments with the new members, and she even expressed that Philly could never be compared to New York City.

"Like I said the greatest things to come out of Philadelphia was Rocky, Benjamin Franklin, Meek Mills - we got freeway. You know, that's how I feel about it. New York is just New York. You can't beat it," Renee said.

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