'Game of Thrones' actor Jason Momoa again denies Aquaman rumors in 'Batman vs. Superman' movie

By Andrew Meola | Jan 21, 2014 09:14 AM EST
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Jason Momoa
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Despite his recent denial, former Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa continues to be at the center of the Aquaman rumors for the Man of Steel sequel currently known as Batman vs. Superman or Man of Steel 2. The actor has again denied the rumors, yet they persist.

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Momoa sat down with MTV News, which asked the actor about the role again. And once again, he flat out denied that the rumors are true:

"I get it all the time. It's just a rumor. It's just rumors. I swear. Man to man. You can punch me in the face. You're allowed to punch me in the face. It's a flattering rumor, but..."

Momoa went on to say that he would love to play a superhero one day.

So why do these rumors persist? Well, a few reasons. One is that actors' denials tend to not mean much to fans anymore because actors have lied about certain roles in order to keep their involvement in the project a secret. The most recent example is Paul Rudd's numerous, vehement denials that he would star in Ant-Man, only for Marvel to officially announce him a few days later.

Secondly, The Hollywood Reporter noted in its article about Batman vs. Superman's delay until 2016 that Momoa is still in negotiations for a role.

As MStars previously reported, Momoa first denied to IGN that he had any involvement with the movie at all:

"It's just rumors," Momoa told the site. "I want to say something amazing, but I can't comment on rumors. It's flattering." He then added, "I'm not involved in it."

The site commented that he seemed like a no-brainer for a superhero movie, and he responded with the following:

"Maybe that's how it came out. Maybe someone said, 'You should be in this!' and I said, 'Yeah that would be great!' And it just went too far."

What do you think, fans? Is Momoa telling the truth? Let us know in the comments below.

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