Kim Kardashian, Beyonce beef: Queen Bey disses Kanye West's 'hoe' baby mama in hilarious MOCK phone call, video goes viral after bridesmaid snub

By Danica Bellini, Mstars News Associate Editor | Jan 21, 2014 03:14 PM EST
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Kim Kardashian
(Photo : REUTERS/Danny Moloshok ) Kim Kardashian update.

Such rumors still remain unconfirmed, but apparently Beyonce recently refused Kim Kardashian's bridesmaid invite. The two Hollywood beauties aren't the best of friends.. and here's apparently why:

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Apparently, Queen Bey really wants nothing to do with Kim K's marriage to Kanye West. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" beauty even offered the songstress a spot in her bridal party, and Jay-Z's wiffy refused (allegedly).

Beyonce and Kardashian have never been the closest of pals (although the infamous reality starlet has tried to form a friendship). Check it out:

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce: Starlets Don't Possess Kanye-Jay-Z BFF Status

Now, according to Star magazine, Blue Ivy's mom doesn't even want to be in KimYe's wedding (although she'll probably attend since her hubby's close with the Yeezus rapper).

According to the seedy gossip report, Kim K initially went around "bragging" about the "Bow Down" songstress taking part in her nuptials. When she found out that Bey actually turned down the offer, she was "embarrassed." As HollywoodLife reports, The voicemail was very unexpected considering the fact that Beyoncé does not even respond to Kim's calls."

The pop sensation tries to stay cordial with the Kardashian clan, but "she still finds her family unbearable," a source reveals.

Do Mstars fans believe it?

Beyonce and Kim K do lead rather different lives... Bey is rather private and uncontroversial, her fellow fashionista is quite the opposite.

In fact, the Drunk In Love superstar thinks the Kardashians are TOO controversial, so she tries to stay disconnected from the drama.

Which is why she maybe doesn't want to take part in Kim's third wedding.

Meanwhile, a rep for KimYe tells HollywoodLife that these rumors are simply untrue - "She hasn't gotten that far [into planning] to ask anyone! Sounds a little more believable, but what do fans think?

Now, rumors suggest that Kanye West is even involved in this mini "feud" -

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce 'beef' sparks 'Kanye West furious with Queen Bey' rumors: KimYe 'jealous,' did Jay-Z's wife 'steal' visual album idea from rapper?

But putting all of this ridiculous drama aside (whether it's true or not), fans have GOT to listen to this audio of a MOCK phone convo between the two celebrity divas. It's hilariously epic... and although fake, can Mstars readers still picture a similar discussion happening in real life? Queen Bey totally owns Kim K - and even if you're a supporter of KimYe, you have to admit that it's funny:

Well... maybe they'll be able to bond over motherhood now!

The video was uploaded onto Youtube over a year ago, but just went viral again because of the rumors surrounding Bey's "harsh" friendship with Kim K.

So, how many fans got a good laugh?

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