Giovanna Plowman 'Tampon Girl' vs. Alyssa Rosales 'Dog Girl,' Gross Viral Stars Fight for Facebook, Twitter Fame [NSFW VIDEOS]

By Mstarz reporter | Feb 02, 2013 07:58 AM EST
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(Photo : Facebook) Giovanna Plowman's "bloody tampon" video sparks a disturbing viral trend on the web.

Two young women recently took the cyber world by storm... for all the wrong reasons. First, 15-year-old Giovanna Plowman posted a video on Facebook of herself sucking on a used, bloody tampon. The disturbing clip soon went viral and thousands of social networkers flocked to "Tampon Girl's" Twitter and Facebook pages to voice their disgust, hatred, and sometimes pure amusement. Then there's Alyssa Rosales, infamously known as "Dog Girl," who had sexual intercourse and performed oral sex with her own pet pup and posted a video of it up online (taking the term "bestiality" to a whole new level). It looks like some people will go to gross extremes to achieve their 15-minutes of internet fame... and it seems to be getting a little too out of hand. What's next?

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After both gross-out videos went viral on the web (which readers can view below, if they dare), Plowman and Rosales began garnering thousands of "fans" on their alleged Facebook and Twitter pages. And now it looks like both young women are vying for more attention:

Plowman's cyber "fame" - over 248,400 Facebook and 33,400 Twitter fans and counting.

Rosales' cyber "fame" - over 19,300 Facebook and 14,400 Twitter fans and counting.

And despite all of the negative backlash, both young women continue to bask in their cyber fame glory.

Giovanna Plowman: "Have you ever watched Jackass? Fear Factor? Jersey Shore? I know you all have. It's okay for them to get famous from eating and doing such stupid stuff or being sl#ts and partying hard. But i eat a tampon and get so much hate? It makes no sense. Just because i'm a girl and ate something gross and got famous you hate on me? I'm a real nice girl. Don't start drama... and i have only ever had one boyfriend? Please tell me how im a sl#t. Smh idgaf about you haters i'll shine on with or with out you!"

@hollagiovanna: "Can we get this trending?? I promise if it does i will follow EVERY ONE back who rts this and tweets #followmegiovanna! Get me to 20k!#lego."

Alyssa Rosales: "For you non believers."

@AlyssaRosaIes: "(Official Twitter Of Alyssa Rosales) I'm the girl who made that video with the dog, i lost a bet and i had to do it.. so stop hating!."

And now, apparently both girls are currently involved in a bitter cyber feud, jealous over one another's fame:

Giovanna Plowman: "Who is this bi##h who got fu##ed by a dog and sucked its d##k? Trying to out do me sweetie? Don't think so your ratchet as f##k and that's animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took shit to a whole new level!

@AlyssaRosaIes: "I can't wait to be as famous as Giovanna Plowman! <3."

@hollagiovanna: "Alyssa you're nasty as f##k. Like how could you f##k a dog? Rt if you agree she was wayy worse than me #ratchet #aniamlcruelty."

It remains unconfirmed if such Twitter and Facebook accounts are actually real... all four could be ridiculous hoaxes. But either way, fans keep coming back for more...

@Four_Lokyle: "If giovanna fu##ed a dog it would be a blood hound."

@ImTheFutureTho: "Alyssa Rosales really does love it doggy style... wtf is this world coming to? First tampon girl & now this?"

@daniecetracey: "First there was Giovanna Plowman sucking a bloody tampon & now there's Alyssa Rosales doing her dog. What is wrong with people?"

Indeed, what is the (cyber) world coming too? No matter how disturbing viewers may find the "Tampon" and "Dog" Girl videos to be, their internet fame continues to grow and fans can't help but to watch on in utter shock and horror. Plowman has even joined forces with another gross-out viral web star, Dino "Poop Boy" Bruscia (the duo are "in a relationship" on Facebook). Should these people be thrown off the internet for good? And what about Rosales, should she be investigated for animal cruelty charges?


These videos may be inappropriate for individuals under the age of 18 (and people over that age will most likely still find the clips very much disturbing), so instead of including them in this article, those who want to check out what all the hype is about can go here.


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