Soraida Hicks, Bruce Stimon: Ex-Boyfriend Torments Mother and Daughter, Posts Nude Pics on Prostitution Sites, Arrested and Sued [VIDEO]

By Danica Bellini | Feb 08, 2013 03:04 PM EST
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(Photo : ABC Video) Soraida Hicks was harassed online by her ex-boyfriend Bruce Simon, after he posted nude pics of her up on several porn sites.

Reports confirm that Soraida Hicks is currently suing her ex-boyfriend Bruce Stimon for a whopping $20 million in damages after the vengeful 47-year-old posted pictures of Hicks and her teenage daughter Pam on several prostitution websites. The two women were then tormented as several men showed up to their home looking for paid sex. Stimon was eventually arrested in January and sentenced to seven years in jail for stalking, identity theft, and extortion. However, the damages from Stimon's "reign of terror" and ongoing harassment still stick with Soraida and Pam Hicks even after his imprisonment.

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According to WJLA, Hicks (using her former name) first met Stimon (an IT consultant) on a flight from Boston to D.C. in fall 2011. Over the next few months, they continued talking and eventually became close friends. They soon engaged in a long-term relationship, and Stimon began sending Hicks several expensive gifts, including a new iPhone paid for on his own family plan. And that's when the trouble all began.

Soon, Stimon began using Hicks' iPhone as a way to gain access to her personal emails, calls, and text messages. He then started sending offensive messages to Hicks' friends and coworkers from her own phone number.

"He sent a message to people saying that I have an STD," Hicks told WJLA. She quickly ended the relationship when she found out about Stimon's seedy behavior.

And that's when things took a turn for the worse.

In January 2012, Hicks learned that Stimon spent over a year "creating a web site advertising her services as a prostitute" (according to the lawsuit recently filed by Hicks). Stimon went so far as to post Hicks' real name, address, and explicit/nude photographs. He also listed her work supervisor at the bank as Hicks' point of contact. Stimon allegedly uploaded pornographic films onto the site that he had made of the two having sex. Hicks did not know that such footage ever existed. Strange men quickly began calling Hicks' boss asking about her "services." Hicks was promptly fired due to the prostitution allegations.

If that weren't damaging enough, Stimon dragged Hicks' teenage daughter Pam into his cyber reign of terror. He sent an explicit sex tape of the former couple to all Pam's friends on Twitter.

"It was devastating," Pam told WJLA. "I would go into the bathroom stall and just cry and would come back to class and act like everything was okay... Everyone was asking me, 'oh, is your mom a porn star?' And I am like, 'no.'"

The final straw came when Stimon listed the Hicks as a "mother and daughter" sex service on porn sites. A text messaging system once again sent about 60 strange men to the Hicks' home in Virginia, asking for the "mother-daughter" special.

Because Stimon was operating from Boston, the Arlington police couldn't do anything because it was out of their jurisdiction.

"From January to probably about March, we were just trying to compile information and figure out what was going on," Detective Angela Comer of the Arlington County Police Department explains. "The commonwealth attorneys, the tactical unit, just about every unit in our department had a hand on this case."

Stimon was finally caught red-handed when he flew from Boston to Hicks' home and slashed her car tires. Surveillance officers were watching the home at the time, and police caught Stimon with a knife in his hand. Authorities also gathered tons of laptop evidence against Stimon, along with physical evidence taken from his car.

Stimon was arrested and pleaded guilty - he is currently serving a seven-year sentence in prison.

Because of Stimon's cyber harassment, Hicks lost her job, good reputation, and even had to change her name. Hicks continues to try to get her image and name off of the porn sites, but with limited success. Hicks and her daughter were finally prepared to appear on-camera with the ABC-affiliate WJLA to help clear their names - they are not prostitutes. Hicks is hoping her lawsuit will also help to prove that.

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